Unpopular opinions

I have a confession to make…

I don’t like Oreo’s.

I loathe avocados.

Nutella isn’t life changing.

and I also think PR writing isn’t that bad.


There I said it. I was possibly the only person in my university class to admit to the last one.

The most common mistakes made by young writers is not knowing where to start.
It wasn’t until I discovered the ’30 minute plan’ to PR writing that I discovered – hey, this is actually pretty easy!

The hardest part about writing is beginning.

So, it is without further adieu that I give you.. the 30 minute plan to PR writing.

Step 1: Analysing the situation and defining the problems and opportunities you face.
Step 2: Setting objectives and describing how you intend to measure whether or not these objectives have been reached.
Step 3: Defining your target publics and linking to objectives.
Step 4: Devising a persuasive strategy concept, and defining key messages.
Step 5: Determining tactics to carry your key messages and their timing.

I am no hero, I do not wear a cape, I simply have a lot of HECS debt and a willingness to help other students increase theirs.





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