Why more students should get on the Blogging bandwagon

Well, this is something I never thought I would be giving advice on.

But guess what – I’m hooked.

Since I wrote my post on why blogging is the new black (read it here) I have never looked back. This platform has finally given myself a place to organise my thoughts, motivate me to research issues in PR and develop something tangible to show prospective employers (now that is pretty cool!)

So without further adieu, here are 7 reasons you should jump on the blogging bandwagon..

work 6

1. You can use your blog to learn

If you are a PR student, launching your own blog and writing regularly, it will help you structure your ideas and will teach you to look for newsworthy content as well as how to frame them from a PR perspective.

It will give you the opportunity to comment on what PR mistakes you have seen lately (such as my #censusFAIL blog) and also what PR wins you have seen across the industry. (such as my recent post on A win for Trump and Crisis Management, which covered the plagiarized speech of Michelle Obama – read about it here)

2. Blogs are great a networking tool.

You will be curious to read what others do and write about. You will connect with great PR communities and blogs. So don’t be shy – comment, connect and immerse yourself in the community. After all, this is why you entered the field!


3. Successful blogging takes discipline.

Sounds easy – but it is harder than you think.
Spend time on your blogs, research your content, remain as newsworthy as possible, publish regularly and share your content!
After all – what is the point of having a blog is no one is going to ever read it?

The first person to read your blog is most likely going to be your mum.
The more connected you become, the better it will get. People are quick to criticise. But someone out there will love what you do.

4. Share your posts on social media.

So you wrote an awesome post on social media PR or industry work or newsworthy campaigns and you don’t know what to do next…

Build your own momentum.

work 1

5. Choose a blogging platform, domain name and hosting provider.

Nothing screams “beginner” louder than a blog address such as your.name.wordpress.com or yourname.blogger.com.

‘The Media Edit’ didn’t come into my head over night.
I really had to think about what I was doing and the platform I wanted to create.
Once I had my name everything else fell into place!

6. Optimize your content for SEO.

Writing and publishing a post are not enough anymore. It was in 2004, but not in 2016.

Now, you have to have your posts optimized for SEO, so that search engines index your blog and posts.

This is what I had to work that hardest on.

Stay tuned for a post about SEO and content optimization coming soon.


7. You don’t have to have everything figured out.

Everyone has to start somewhere.
Set yourself apart from every other graduate this year and start blogging today.

Got any questions/concerns/cat memes to send me?
Comment below or contact me here







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