Need a name for your blog? SIMPLE.

I must admit – I had a lot of fun making this post.

I hope this inspires you to get blogging!

Here you go.. and YES these were all made by myself:

What month you were born in:
January – The Adventures of
February – The life of
March – The thoughts of
April – The times of
May – The written work of
June – Ramblings of
July – Organised thoughts of
August – Meaningful messages of
September – The career kickstarter of
October – The Struggles of
November – The diary of
December – The beginning of

The date you were born
1st – A busy student
2nd – A creative thinker
3rd – A PR superstar
4th – A creative student
5th – A dreamer
6th – A PR professional
7th – A creative thinker
8th – A PR superstar
9th – A PR mastermind in the making
10th – A PR professional
11th – A dreamer
12th – A creative thinker
13th – A PR mastermind in the making
14th – A busy student
15th – A PR gamechanger
16th – A dreamer
17th – A procrastinating PR student
18th – A dreamer
19th – A PR superstar
20th – A PR professional
21st – A PR mastermind in the making
22nd – A procrastinating PR student
23rd – A creative student
24th – A PR gamechanger
25th – A creative thinker
26th – A PR professional
27th – A dreamer
28th – A PR superstar
29th – A PR mastermind in the making
30th – A creative thinker
31st – A PR superstar

I would be:
‘The adventures of a procrastinating PR student’
Yeah. That sounds about right….





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