Why most blogs FAIL after a month

Believe it or not – blogging is hard work.

The first post I ever did was on why I thought Blogging is the ‘new black’ (read it here)

Since then I have learnt a lot.


Creating a blog is more than just picking a great name and writing what you want.. it takes commitment, a lot of hours, original content, planned content, direction and hard work. – However if you are looking for a great name for a blog – learn how do to that here 

I wrote a post on why more students should get on the ‘blogging bandwagon’, but now have discovered why the majority that do jump on, quickly fall off.

I aim for 2-3 posts a week.

blogger 4

This is a lot for someone who works full time, is studying their Masters Degree full time, works as an intern and has an adorable pet cat which requires hours of attention. He is a siamese – can you blame me?!

So since I started here in July, here are the 3 hardest things I have discovered about blogging:

  1. Content and Ideas:
    It is incredibly hard to come up with new content and ideas for every post. This takes a lot of planning. I try keep my posts relevant to anything media relations, crisis management, social media, PR news and student life. Without this clear structure I would be very lost. To overcome this I have learnt to spend time reading and researching. Follow as many other blogs as possible. Find some inspiration and just start!
  2. Getting discouraged easily:
    The first person to read your blog will be your mum (hi mum). However, this number will slowly grow. It takes hard work and commitment to make your blog look fuller and therefore attract more readers! Trust this process. It takes time. For myself I used Twitter to help boost my posts to the right audience. Follow me here 
  3. Time and organisation:
    Setting aside time to write your blogs may seem easy – but in reality, it really is not. The way I overcome this is I spend between 6-10 hours a week on my blog. I usually spend one day writing my posts and put them on a schedule for the week. The rest of my week I can concentrate on planning my content for the following week. I always work at least a week in advance – in this game you just have to.

Most importantly, if you take anything away from this post please remember how much blogging will help your professional career.

It is a great way to compile your thoughts on news in your industry and set yourself apart from other graduates.

blogging 3

If you want to know a little bit more about myself, please read about why I decided to go back to university and start my Masters Degree at age 23.

I hope this inspires more of you to keep on blogging! Feel free to contact me here if you have anything you’d like to say or comment below!




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