PR NEWS: Positive Partnerships and CSR moves by Nespresso


This week the news broke that a partnership between Nespresso and Australia Post had finally taken form in a bid to raise the profile of Nespresso in their environmental crisis.

Nespresso and Australia Post have created a water-tight post satchel to facilitate capsule recycling supplied by Nespresso. This move comes after years of criticism about the company’s environmental footprint.



This crisis communications move is aimed at establishing some much needed CSR within the brand.



The problem is that Nespresso’s aluminium coffee capsules cannot be recycled using Australia’s public curb-side recycling program. So since 2010 Nespresso has been attempting to collect and recycle them independently at a plant in Nowra, NSW.

However – these efforts have been pretty unsuccessful.

dsc07546asdfNespresso has been long criticised by environmental groups, and more recently its former president Jean-Paul Gaillard who now heads a biodegradable capsule company, saw the problem coming and left!

So obviously, in a move aimed at improving this process and fending off such criticism, Nespresso has partnered with Australia Post to launch a specially designed post satchel consumers can use to return the capsules to the company for recycling.


Lets talk strategy – what will we see from Nespresso:

  • There will be 20,000 drop off points including 18 Nespresso shop fronts nationally.
  • A network of 300 florists will also be providing drop off points
  • You can also visit one of Australia Post’s 4000 post offices
  • Or you can visit more than 15,000 street post boxes
  • This will extend the reach of the recycling program to rural and remote areas.
  • The satchels can hold 130 capsules and will cost the consumer $1.90 each, with the postage paid by Nespresso.
  • Nespresso said of the 271 people in regional areas who trialled the initiative in June, 86 per cent said they would like it to be made permanent

Overall, it will be an interesting story to see develop. I am sure this wont be my last post on Nespresso…


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