More than just SPIN

It was only a few weeks ago when a close friend of mine asked, ‘but what is it you actually do?’
This is a friend who I regularly discuss work with, projects I am apart of and my uni studies.. but still theres seems to be a clear division of:
 What I actually do VS. What people think I do
Therefore, it is without further interruption, I give you my complete list of…
  • Functions
  • Titles
  • Top Skills

of all PR people

Functions of a PR Practitioner
Publicity Generation
Media Relations
Crisis Communication
Creating Press Releases
Creating Media Alerts
Building/maintaining relationships with stakeholders
Press conferences
Organising events on behalf of clients
Creating Media Stunts
Attracting Media Attention
Prepare internal/external communication (e.g. newsletters, brochures for business/organisations…)
Social media (e.g. writing blogs, maintain social networks…)
Influencer and Ambassador Management
Talent Management
Reputation Management
Brand Management
Issue Management and Crisis Planning
Spokesperson Presentation
Media Training
Creating Communication Policy Decisions
Oversee Communication Strategy
Managing client/organisation communication
Creating Campaigns
Preparing/implementing/evaluating campaigns
Researching Target Publics
Monitoring Media
Speech Writing
Copy Writing
Prepare Press
Creating Media Kits
Creating Corporate Social Responsibility
These functions all fall under the umbrella of Public Relations titles such as:
Corporate Affairs
Corporate Relations
Public Affairs
Public Information
Community Relations
Corporate Communication
The Top Skills Required:
1. Writing and speaking skills
2. Research ability
3. Planning and organization expertise
4. Problem solving ability
5. Business/economics competence
6. Interpersonal skills
7. Research and analytical skills
8. Negotiation
9. Creativity

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