My top 10 tips for future PR/Communications students 

In my time at university, I have managed to learn some pretty helpful tips and tricks.

These may not come across as groundbreaking, but I can promise you, by applying these to your studies, you will see improvement.


  1. Go to your lectures
    • ok, so I bet you were not surprised this was number 1. By making the effort to get up and go to class is can dramatically enhance your learning. Not only does it benefit your learning, but by going to lectures gives you an opportunity to make friends within your course.
  2. Create a blog
    • I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times – making a blog is the best thing you can do to set yourself apart from other graduates. I’ve written so many articles about how much this process has helped me throughout my degree (read it here).
  3. Get involved with university co-curricular
    • At my time in university I became involved in the student magazine. Publishing articles for your student magazine is great experience to have on a resume. Also, the people who help write the magazine are mostly students studying public relations, journalism, creative arts and publishing! It gave me a chance to meet some like minded people, who otherwise I may not have ever met!
  4. Get a part time job that is relevant
    • This one is tough. I suppose the best way to think of this is aim to get your foot ‘somewhat’ in your industry. If you want to be a marketing executive for a big cosmetic company – go get a job at a small chemist which stocks the products? Start small, but think laterally.
  5. Do an internship
    • The most common reason students don’t do internships is because they believe they don’t have ‘enough time’. However, what I found was that by doing an internship I actually enhanced my time management skills while at uni. Not to mention the amazing practical experience I received within my industry. I was lucky enough to score a fantastic internship this year. I loved every minute of it!
    • Read all about how to stand out in an internship here
  6. Show an interest in the industry
    • I follow public relations blogs, follow different PR agencies on Linked in, read the news and keep up to date with current campaigns. This simple step has dramatically enhanced my learning.
  7. Read.
    • The best way to make yourself a better writer is to READ. This is so important in the industry. Read newspapers, blogs, online websites, magazines and immerse yourself in the media landscape!
  8. Sort out your social media accounts from your professional portfolios
    • Start creating your personal brand. If you are not on linked in, I suggest you get started.
  9. Create connections within your peers at uni and the teaching staff
    • The people you sit with in your classes may be the people you work with one day. Build relationships, learn about the areas your peers want to be in and ask your teachers about their background. They are there to help!
  10. Keep an open mind
    • you‘re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, & smarter than you think – Dr. Seuss


All the best – let me know in the comment section what tips you would add!



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