5 Reasons WHY Students Should Be On LinkedIn

A few years ago I created my own LinkedIn profile.

I felt legitimate, empowered, professional, yet I really had no idea what I was doing.

I filled out the basic fields:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Professional Experience
  • Education

No surprises here…

HOWEVER, it wasn’t until I started using LinkedIn whilst being an intern that I truly saw the benefit of this network.

Therefore, here are 5 reasons all college/university STUDENTS need to get on LinkedIn today.

1) Start building your brand.

Who you are, what you represent and what you offer are key elements when presenting yourself online. Creating a professional network online will enhance this. It is so important to understand the difference between personal and professional networks. Believe it or not, employers will check your Facebook. Become aware of privacy settings and stay alert to changes.

2) Connect with teachers/lecturers

It’s such a shame to spend months working closely with a teacher to walk away at the end of semester and never hear from them again. The teachers I have had are experts in their field. They have great connections, amazing advice and they know the industry back to front! Keep in contact with them.

3) Connect with peers

The truth is you could end up working with the people in your class.

Keeping in contact or building relationships with those around you can help you with advice, employment or even a reference!

4) Connect with prospective employers and stay up to date with their industry news

Take an interest in your industry. Follow the employers you wish to work for and see what they post about. You never know – this may come in handy one day when you have your dream job interview

5) The job search function is incredible

A great place to start for employment opportunities. Gone are the days when SEEK was your only option. There are endless jobs on linked in – some which I have found very interesting! You can apply with your LinkedIn profile relatively fast to make the process that much easier! 

So, there you have it!

5 reasons why students need to start utilising LinkedIn.

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