The BEST class I’ve ever taken

I recently took a class at uni called – Public Relations Writing and Tactics.

It is week 11 and I have begun to reflect on what I have learnt over the past few months.

Besides improving my general writing skills there was one aspect that has actually changed the way I write completely.

It was the realisation that your first draft is not going to be perfect.

Whenever I would start a piece of writing I would start, type, delete, type, delete, start again, delete. REPEAT.


I learnt that this was toxic and I wasn’t actually working as hard as I thought.

This approach is probably the reason why most people fail at blogging after the first month (read more here).

giphy (3).gif
You run out of ideas.
You stop and start.
The creativity lacks…
The list is endless.

BUT, as I said, the most important thing I learnt was to just start writing. 

Words are just words, you can always return to them and edit them after.


You don’t need to race to the end.

Write something worth reading. 

Since adopting this style of writing I am creating better sentences, improved structure and clarity in my key messages.

I’ve written in the past about how the ’30-minute plan towards PR proposals’ has improved my writing also. Read about that here.

I am interested to know what other tips people suggest for improving their writing?

Comment below or contact me here

FYI: That is Ernest Hemmingway in the picture.. a cool guy and an even better writer

7 Replies to “The BEST class I’ve ever taken”

  1. ‘Write something worth reading’ – yep that’s key I think.. I’m not sure whether to stay ‘generalised’ or whether to become a bit more focussed at this stage and I’ve ‘survived’ for over 6 months now so hopefully I’ve got over the first hurdle. I love those little cartoons – fab to illustrate the point you make visually!

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      1. Yep – ask me again in another 12 months and fingers xx the answer will be the same.. haha! Yep – love the cartoons – anything that adds a smile to the day is always worth a view! x

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  2. I’ve learned that in the beginning of every piece you write you only need to write a “shitty first draft” and then later, you make it good. Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird taught me that. I do a blog post about it if anybody wants more info. I am surprised at how many bloggers seem to journal and then hit publish with little to no editing. I’ve been blogging for less than a month and have two months worth of posts planned and I’m nearly done with actually writing most of March! I’m interested in the article you linked to.


    1. Great points! Glad you found my post helpful. Well done on organising your blog so far, sounds like you are doing well! I’ve posted before about how to stay motivated while blogging and how to plan your content, you might find this interesting. Head to my homepage and go to the category ‘Blogging’ for more tips and tricks! Thanks, Georgia.


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