Social Media News: Instagram ‘Save Draft’ Feature

We asked for it and they listened – we now have Instagram ‘Save Draft’ Feature.


It’s been a long time coming for the social media giant, but it all makes sense now.

Instagram has made some pretty serious changes recently.

First, they took away the chronological feed.

Second, they changed ‘favourites’ page to include videos and sponsored content.

So, REALLY they can thank their lucky stars that they have won me back with this latest update.

The ability to save an Instagram post as a draft and THEN post it later means three things:

  • You can FINALLY schedule/plan posts
  • You can arrange filters to keep the ‘flow’ of your feed. See what they would look like as a ‘draft’ before posting them!
  • You can revisit posts and edit them as much as you like!

Instagram’s growth over the past few months has been tremendous.

My last post about Instagram was in the midst of the Snapchat vs. Instagram feud where the CEO of Instagram responded to claims they were stealing ideas from Snapchat (read about it here)

This gets me thinking – Is it possible to predict Instagram’s future? Or will they always remain one step ahead of their competition?!


Comment your thoughts below!




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