Do you have your address on your resume? Read this!

Here’s an interesting story…

A dear friend of mine currently works in recruitment. She has over 15 years experience in this industry!

This particular friend is currently recruiting graduates for their 2017 programs for various ‘big name’ companies.

She asked me if I wanted help with my resume building skills and of course, I never say no to any opportunity to improve myself professionally!

I got out my computer and flicked open my resume and looked at her face.

She looked in shock. A gasp. Wide eyes. This wasn’t looking good.


‘You have your address on here!!!!’ – she said.

Yes, of course I do. So employers know where I live. Right?


Unbeknownst to me, this is the single biggest predictor of whether or not a Human Resources or Recruitment Specialist will read the rest of your resume.

And here’s why…

By putting your address on your resume your setting a parameter of where you live in accordance to where the job is located.

If you were an employer and you had 2 resumes in front of you.

Both similar experience, same education and fantastic references.

What do you look for next? – Well, where do they live?

A huge reason employees leave their workplace is due to travelling too far from home! So what happens when you’re applying for a job over an hour away…?

Your resume is suddenly on the bottom of the pile.

The difference between you and someone who lives a 15 minute drive from work is huge to an employer.

Now, I am certainly not saying you need to move house to live closer to your work, but please be mindful of what you put on your resume.
Give yourself the best chance possible for an interview. (Read what they asked ME in a PR job interview here)


I can honestly say, this was something I had never considered.

What about my education? What about my years of experience? What about my excellent references?!!!

Do yourself a favour, and take your address off.

It could be the reason you still can’t find a job.

Some food for thought this week!


I am really interested to hear your thoughts on this so please comment below! 



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