SEO and Blogging – Peak Times To Post

Blogging is absolutely no walk in the park.

There is a reason why most blogs FAIL after 1 month (read it here)

What people don’t understand is the amount of commitment that goes into your content.

But it is not just writing content that produces challenges, the back end of blogging (or ‘analytics’ as we like to call it) is incredibly difficult to wrap your head around.

Yes, I am talking the SEO, analytics, scheduling posts and peak times to publish.

It has taken me months to figure out – what is the best time to post?

The goal of any blog is to make sure your content is being read by the audience you are targeting.

For me, my audience has grown, changed, and jumped all over the place.

But for now, my blog is currently sitting at its highest point of subscribers on WordPress and email subscribers (so thanks to all you lovely people!)

It took me a while to figure out when was the best time to post on here.

I think the trick is, to make sure you start blogging for at least 2 months before reading into too much of your analytics.

You need to make sure you have tried and tested a few methods before making drastic decisions.

Which leads me to this:


Screen shot of my analytics

Previously I was posting Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays usually around 11am.

However, when I had a look at my analytics, my most popular hour is 8pm I started to think is it time to change the way I post?!

Given my most popular day for traffic is a Friday, I will now be changing my posts to Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday.

Are fewer people online on weekends? We will soon find out!

You will all be a part of my own experiment to see if this makes a difference to my analytics!

Stay tuned – let’s tackle SEO and analytics together!

Comment below if you have experienced this!





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