Get Your Content Noticed

My TOP 3 tips and tricks to get your content noticed.

Here is how to SMASH your analytics!

  1. Schedule posts
    A great tip for people who are continuously on the blogging grind. When inspiration strikes.. get writing. FYI you can write blogs weeks in advance! Scheduling posts allows you to plan ahead and make sure the content you are producing is quality NOT quantity.
  2.  Forecast trends/Follow the news
    I found that whenever I post topical or newsworthy articles, these get the most amount of traffic. Makes perfect sense right? People want to read what is important! I have always received the best engagement when I post on topics that are in the news!
  3. Interact with your audience
    Understand who is reading your blog and WHY.
    Discover their blogs, their content and engage with them on their level! This will encourage more traffic to your site if they know you are a real person!


Stay tuned for – HOW TO MONETISE YOUR BLOG (coming soon!)




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