Writing your thesis? Have a look at what goes into a proposal

Writing a thesis ain’t easy.

Usually the word ‘thesis’ is enough to turn most people away from Postgraduate study – well wasn’t the case for me.


Now, the first question most people ask me is –


Well, believe it or not, I think its pretty cool. My thesis is my own study, my own research, my own questions explored and my own journey. Whilst it is expensive, time-consuming and not necessary for me to graduate, I still thought, would this be a laugh.

There is a lot that goes into this process and I plan on documenting as much of it as I can.

So, here is just a small insight into what goes into a thesis proposal

  1. Title
    Indicates what your study is about
  1. byline
    Name & affiliation of the author
  1. abstract
    A summary of the project in 100 words maximum
  2. introduction
    Includes the rationale/heuristic value of the study,
  1. statement of the problem/research questions/hypotheses
    Provide two (or more) research questions or two hypotheses your study would like to examine)
  1. the epistemology/ies and theoretical perspective/s used
    What motivates the study
  1. A literature review
    using four primary and four secondary sources
  1. The proposed method/s of data collection
    Indicating the population, sample/s, sampling method/s to be used
  1. Variables
    Types of variables and their relationships to be examined
  1. Type of measurement
    Data collection
  1. Proposed interview questions/survey instrument/coding manual etc.
    This step must be planned and approved by an ethics committee!
  1. Budget
    A list of estimated items you may require that cost money (exact figures of estimated costs is not required in the proposal stage)
  1. Ethics
    list the ethical issues involved and what precautions should be made to protect the research subjects/participant
  1. References
    Provide a list of references at the end of the proposal, prepared according to the Harvard system of referencing.

I am curious to know – is there anyone else out there who has taken this path?

Comment below!







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