THE GREAT DEBATE: Agency VS. In-house PR

The never ending debate.

What is a better workplace – agency work or working in-house for a company?

For me, I am currently an agency girl.

It’s hard for me to really pin point why I like it so much. I guess it forces you to become a Jack of all trades! Well actually, more so a Jill of all trades – but you get what I mean.

Agency life is diverse, fast paced and interesting.

So I’ve come up with 3 reasons why agency life is the life for me.

  1. Diversity – every client is different. You could be aiming for local or national media! This keeps it fun and exciting. Sometimes you get huge well-known brands and sometimes you get to be apart of amazing startup businesses! It’s a great feeling!
  2. Always Interesting – you could be working in health, sports, lifestyle or even beauty sectors in just one morning!
  3. The people – the people I’ve met so far have been fun, diverse, quick learners, great teachers and a supportive team! (Not that you wouldn’t necessarily find this in an in-house company, but I believe agency people can have a lot more to talk about!) the people know how to be fast paced, but deliver clarity and results. This is a skill only agencies can develop.

I’m interested to hear your opinion!

Let me know in the comments below.


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