CONFESSION TIME: How I became task list OBSESSED

Before I started at my new job, I had never really made task lists.

Well, I thought I had, but for some reason I was never getting to the end of them.


I’ve recently discovered the importance in writing task lists which are both:

A) accurate/acceptable
B) timebound

I’ve now learnt to divide my week into 2 separate task lists.

  1. A general weekly task list
  2. A daily task list

This is both for my personal and work life.
For example:


On a Monday I will map out what I know I need completed by the end of the week.
These include: big projects, jobs that are a work in progress or even things I need to prepare before a meeting or event later in the week.

Then, on each day I allocate time to the tasks which will make up those projects to ensure I am on track to get them done.

This is why it’s always important to set tasks which are achievable and timebound.

Previously, I wasted too much time swapping between projects with no understanding on what needed priority.

I finally have developed this method to cure the madness.


If anyone else has any organisational tips and tricks I would love to hear them in the comment section below!




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