TIME and Success: Reflection December

And just like that its December 1.

Let’s take a step back in time to revisit the year that was 2016 (thus far)…

I created my blog in July this year.

In that time, I have posted 42 articles (this is my 43rd). I’ve discovered I gain the most traffic on Wednesdays (I guess everyone enjoys a Humpday treat) and my subscribers and followers increase nearly every day.

However, this success hasn’t come easy.

I have completed a year of a Masters Degree, completed an Internship, started full-time work and taught my Siamese cat to fetch (his name is Louis).

So, its been a big year so far.


There have been several key things I have learned over the past few months.

It would be rude not to share them, after all, I love helping, encouraging and motivating more people to put their own name out there are start blogging journey (read why I jumped on the blogging bandwagon here)

The hardest thing of all has been TIME.

Everyone have 24 hours in a day (even Beyonce) so what you plan on doing with those hours becomes critical to your success.

TIME will depend how long you spend drafting your posts. TIME will deterine how much content you are able to publish per week. TIME will justify how you feel about fitting your blog around your lifestyle and finally, TIME will keep you up at night writing this very post about how much you truly love what you do and you wouldn’t change a thing.

For anyone out there who is reading this and doubts their ability to be whatever they wish to be, don’t for a second doubt yourself.

Always back yourself and get blogging because TIME isn’t running out, TIME is what you and I have equally.





One Reply to “TIME and Success: Reflection December”

  1. Excellent, and congrats on your accomplishments! You splayed it wide open – time is what we equally share, and it is most precious.
    Cheers to the end of another year!


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