My favourite use of Snapchat in 2016

We’ve seen a lot from Snapchat in the last 12 months.

Remember when the CEO of Instagram had to make a statement about their apparent ‘beef’ with Snapchat? That was one of my most well-received posts (read it here to catch up on the drama)

Snapchat have again knocked me off my feet in their latest move. It is by far my favourite example of using social media in a modern day setting in 2016. I know what you’re thinking… yes that is a huge statement!

However, my favourite use of Snapchat so far has thrown the media giant to a new level! University of Wisconsin-Green Bay has set out to change the way students will receive their traditional university acceptance letter.

Believe it or not, they sent out Snapchat acceptance snaps, to their future students and most importantly, they did it SO WELL.

Whilst it is pretty common for businesses/education bodies to try and incorporate the newest social media platform into their marketing efforts, this move made by the university has set them apart from their traditional competitive counterparts.

Simple but effective, am I right?

Students who provided their Snapchat handle to the University and opted into the feature, received the celebratory snap (obviously). Naturally it’s got people talking and has been covered by Buzzfeed, Entrepreneur and Teen Vogue to name a few.

What do you think of this use of modern media?


Comment your thoughts below!





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