The most complained about ads of 2016: A bad year for Vegans and Feminism

Earlier this week, The Sydney Morning Herald shared their insight into the most complained about ads of 2016 and boy was it good.

A lamb advertisement starring SBS newsreader Lee Lin Chin that was accused of inciting violence against vegans was the most complained-about advertisement of the year.

The advertising campaign for Meat and Livestock Australia, which was also accused of being offensive to indigenous Australians, received a combined 747 complaints across television and online – almost a fifth of all the complaints received by the Advertising Standards Bureau in 2016. The complaints were dismissed.

The most complained about TV ad was an Ultra Tune commercial featuring two rubber-clad models and the tagline “We like rubber”.

The car servicing company, which has a history of airing provocative ads, had three of the top 10 most complained-about ads of the year, with one upheld for breaching advertising standards.

Earlier this year, Ultra Tune executive chairman Sean Buckley told the ABC the ads were meant to be humorous, adding: “People should lighten up.”

ASB Chief Executive Officer Fiona Jolly said the bureau received over 5000 complaints about advertisements in 2016.



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