Starbucks and Viral Marketing

For years we have been captivated by this ‘forever trendy’ brand.

Is it the Pumpkin Spiced-Lattes or the Hypnotising froth on their cappuccinos?

Is it the good looking barista or the extraordinary size of the EXTRA TALL latte?

Ladies and gentlemen, let me ask you this..

Have you ever had your name spelled incorrectly on a Starbucks cup?

And by incorrect, I don’t just mean spelling Catherine as Katherine or Jackson as Jaxon.

I mean really, really wrong.

See REAL LIFE examples below (I promise you I am not making this up!)



What do these pictures all have in common other than poorly misspelled names? The fact that they have all been captured and uploaded to social media.

This then begs the question….

Do Starbucks workers spell your name wrong ON PURPOSE so you will share pictures of your cup on social media?

Not convinced?

Watch the video below

Have you been giving FREE marketing to Starbucks without even knowing?

I know I have.

Whether they call me Georgia, Jorja or my personal favourite JAW-JAW.

I love a good conspiracy.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!






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