Turning heads in Melbourne last week

Australians consume 50,000 takeaway coffees every 30 minutes, and ABC presenter Craig Reucassel commandeered an old tram last week in Melbourne to show Melburnians what that looks like.


The city that is known for its love of freshly ground coffee and being the ‘coffee snob’ capital of the world got their gentle reminder that the country’s coffee addiction and the waste that goes with it is harmfully causing detrimental effects to our enviornment.

ABC series, War on Waste to be aired later this year will take a look at the way Australians create waste in various facets of their everyday lives. For example, the 50,000 coffee cups we go through every half-hour, which go straight to landfill.

Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 9.43.03 PM.png

Honestly, its enough to fill a tram!

I do love a good media stunt when I see one, so I couldn’t miss the opportunity to share this with you all.

Now of course, Reucassel is not asking for people to stop drinking coffee. I mean come on – that’d be extreme, but instead he is asking Melbourians to think about how they’re drinking it, encouraging people to #BYOCoffeeCup.

Want to learn more? Watch the video here



Looking forward to seeing the show air later this year!




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