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It was only a year ago I was sitting at my computer scrolling through the depths of the internet to work out, how on earth I could land an internship.



I’ve blogged many times before on intern advice, interview questions for interns and even about how I stood out as an intern and landed my first job shortly after.

However, something I’ve never discussed before is – what do you do when you don’t hear back?

What do you do when you are continuously applying for intern opportunities and you don’t ever hear from the person behind the computer.


It’s a scary thought sending your resume and contact details out to the wind – so how many applications does it take before you finally get that callback?

Ever heard the term cast out your net?

The larger your net – the more likely you are to receive.


Let’s say you are looking for a Public Relations Intern opportunity in Melbourne

Let’s start with looking at some well-known agencies in the industry.

I’ve written about the differences between agency vs. in-house PR before, but for the sake of an internship, an agency is 100% the way to go.

It gives you a chance to work on a number of clients across many industries – a great way to experience life in PR from across the board.


Then pick 10 well-known agencies in your city (Melbourne), find an email address on the website for internships/career opportunities and just send an email introducing yourself.

Allow for a week to pass then get on the phone!

(I have no idea why so many people fear the phone…)

All it takes is picking up and calling the agency and saying

“Hi I’m XX, last week I sent my resume looking for any potential internship opportunities you may have – can I please double check the email address I sent it to so I can be sure it got to the correct person?”


The kind person on the phone will either pass on your name to the someone who will help or get you to resend your application to the correct person.

Trust me, this works.


Rememeber you will only get out what you put in.

If you are not willing to follow up on them – why would they follow up on you?

As always, follow the company on LinkedIn and stay up to date.

Would love to hear your thoughts below – any questions please comment or message me here!



5 Replies to “Intern Advice”

  1. This article is quite relevant to me right now as I’m currently hunting for internship opportunities; I tend to dread follow up phone calls at times, so this post was really insightful regarding what to say when I do make that call. I also need to take a look at your article about agency work vs. in-house PR, thanks for all the helpful information in this post!


    1. Thanks for the feedback! You may find my other Internship posts helpful. I’ve make a few with advice on how to stand out in an internship, the kinds of interview questions I was asked and more general job seeking advice. All located in the Jobs and Internships category on my home page. Good luck! I’m sure you will land your dream internship soon!


  2. Great advice! I’m also on the hunt for the internship and feel desperate sometimes when I apply for tons of places and no one replies.


  3. Sound advice for sure. Although I’m a little past the internship stage of my career — okay, years, no make that decades — I did gain much when I held internships in college. One other suggestion: Along with agencies and private companies, also consider non-profits. Pursue opportunities at organizations where you might have an interest or passion. Best of success to all.


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