Four’N Twenty launches their latest campaign to SAVE OUR SLANG!


You wouldn’t bloody believe the campaign I’m about to tell you about.

Straya is leading the way with this one… YOU BEAUTY!

… no I haven’t gone mad, it’s all apart of Four’N Twenty and their latest campaign launch  “Save our Slang”, promoting Australia’s 70 most popular slang terms, as part of the famous Aussie meat pie’s 70th birthday celebrations.

This month the social media campaign featuring AFL Legend, Jonathan Brown (AKA Browny), will call on Australians to submit their favourite Aussie expressions “to help Save our Slang”.

Four’N Twenty will take some of the top 70 slang terms and print them on individual packs of its best selling meat pies and sausage rolls.


This campaign is simply brilliant and so fantastic that I had to share.

Check it out at

Go ahead and make your pledge to save our slang






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