Hello, June.

I can’t believe you arrived. I mean, I knew you were invited and usually pop up after May, but it seems your arrival this year was faster than usual?

Maybe it is just me? But, I don’t think I am prepared for you.

We are nearly 6 months into 2017 which means I am about 6 months into my thesis.

I have 112 days left until I submit my research (but hey, who’s counting?)

So how do I stay motivated when all my friends are enjoying their mid-year breaks?

Well, I am actually trying to figure that out for myself.

With 112 days left to go, I’m not really sure what it is which will push me right until the end.

My research is really cool (if I do say so myself). Typical of myself, it’s centered around women/feminism. I could go on for days about how exciting my research and findings will be, but is it what the university is looking for? Is it what my examiner wants to read about? Will I offend people?

Time will tell.

Please comment your best ways to stay motivated while you study… I’d love to know!




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