A year’s reflection: When I announced I was starting postgraduate study

Exactly one year ago today I posted this article on my blog: Why I have taken postgraduate study by the horns

One quote I wanted to bring it back to was this:

‘If you were to start a full time job at age 23 and intend of retiring when you are 65, that gives you the next 42 years of your life to work.’

Which then went onto explain,

‘This is why you better pick a career that you really love’

Exactly a year ago, as I wrote that post I had just gone back to University to complete my Masters of Communication.

This was after 3 years of completing a Bachelor of Psychology degree and taking a year off in between to go travel the world.

When I wrote that post a year ago I mentioned 5 reasons why you’ll never regret your postgraduate study and today those reasons couldn’t be more relevant:

  1. You are creating a life for yourself.
  2. You have the opportunity to become a leader in your field.
  3. You will never regret the education you receive and the opportunities it presents.
  4. You have 42 years of work ahead of you – I hope you are doing something you like.
  5. The end goal is worth it

Fast forward to today, I am less than 100 days from completing my thesis and working in a job that I absolutely love.

Over the past year I’ve met some great people, formed great connections, never stopped learning, never stopped questioning WHY, and every day it is leading me to more great opportunities.

My message today? Always reflect as you will be surprised at how far you have gone.




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